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Our projects are adapted to local conditions and designed with a long term view. Every tree planting project has aspects of pioneering work. With a stable network on site we make sure that cultural and social requirements are taken into account.

We actively involve local stakeholders from the very beginning and aligne the project with the needs of local communities.

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From the onset of the project we are present on site and align the objectives of project stakeholders. Doing so, we focus on sustainable and stable partnerships.

Convince yourself of the sustainability of our projects on site. We work transparently and are happy to show you the diverse and positive effects our projects have on people and nature. For more information on our projects, click on the subpages.



RIO AQUIDABAN For over 20 years, we have been managing a reforestation project in northeastern Paraguay nearby the Aquidaban River. Sustainable livestock farming is combinded with reforestation in a silvo-pastoril system. 

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PATAGONIA VERDE In Patagonia we have a long-standing reforestation projects at more than 8 sites. The focus is on local value creation for the improvement of land use and economic diversification, which also have positive effects on biodiversity.

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KIKONDA | Our largest Gold Standard reforestation project in the last 15 years. In the process of implementation we have passed on expert know-how to more than 200 local employees. Biodiversity corridors make it a safe haven for flora and fauna. 

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About Us

10 million trees planted in one lifetime

DR. MANFRED VOHRER is the founder of our organisation and has dedicated his life’s work to climate protection and forest restoration. You can say he is a pioneer in the field of climate reforestation and has decades of experience in development corporation. Whether in the German Bundestag or the European Parliament, reforestation and renewable energy were already on his agenda since the 70s. Courage and curiosity led him to be ahead of his time and to confront the issue of climate change early on with projects in countries of the global South. global-woods International continues to act with his vision and follows his DNA.

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Dr. Manfred Vohrer