The project fosters the ecology of the San Pedro Region, which is highly affected by deforestation for agricultural farming during the past decades.


By the end of 2000, more than 300 hectars of forest had been planted in the project area. These trees will store more than of 50.000 tons of CO2.


Forestal Rio Aquidaban was the first project abroad for global-woods-international. It had pioneering character and has paved the way for further climate protection projects worldwide.



The tree plantation has offered new job opportunities and further training to local workers, who has been living in the region – which is predominately focussed on intensive cattle farming.


De to the huge consumption on biomass in form of wood for energy purposes deforestation is still one of the mayor issues in Paraguay. The project promotes a sustainable forestry from renewable sources and supports the conservation of natural forests with its positive effects on climate and biodiversity .